Milestones are a great way to track the progress of issues across a specific time period.

At Grey Software, we use milestones to track agile sprints or objectives that are greater than an issue and smaller than an epic.

With milestones, you can see:

  • Issues grouped by labels or status.
  • To whom issues are assigned to?
  • How many issues are completed.

Milestones at Grey Software

On a high level, a milestone exhibits three major details as follows.

  • The number of issues i.e, '6'.
  • The number of merge requests i.e, '5'.
  • The status of a milestone i.e, '16% complete'.

On exploring further, you can see all the essential information needed to track a milestone.

  1. Milestone Completion status.
  2. Due Date : when a milestone is due.
  3. Issue Details : number of open and closed issues.
  4. Merge Request Details : number of open and closed merge requests.
  5. List of on-going issues and merge requests.
  6. List of completed issues and merge requests.

We invite you to explore our active milestones.

Focused Browsing Milestones

We invite you to explore Focused Browsing Milestones to help you get a deeper understanding of how milestones work in a project.

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