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Why Git?

According to the latest Stack Overflow developer survey, more than 70 percent of developers use Git, making it the most-used VCS in the world. Git is a free and open-source distributed version control system.

Git is commonly used for both open source and commercial software development, with significant benefits for individuals, teams, and businesses.

  • Git lets developers see the entire timeline of their changes, decisions, and progression of any project in one place. From the moment they access the history of a project, the developer has all the context they need to understand it and start contributing.

  • Developers work in every time zone. With a DVCS like Git, collaboration can happen any time while maintaining source code integrity. Using branches, developers can safely propose changes to production code.

  • Businesses using Git can break down communication barriers between teams and keep them focused on doing their best work. Plus, Git makes it possible to align experts across a business to collaborate on major projects

What are GitHub and GitLab and why we use both?

GitLab and GitHub are version control systems for managing source code in software development. When working in a team, developers can use these two platforms to edit source code, make changes, and perhaps most importantly, keep track of all changes they have made. Every single change can be precisely tracked and undone if necessary.

That's why here at Grey Software we preferred to have a GitLab and GitHub Account to get started with the Software Development Journey.

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